Falls Meat Service

 Home of Award Winning Sausages and Quality Fresh Meats since 1974. 

May 1, 1974

Harry Galstad owned and operated Galstad Food Locker for years in downtown Pigeon Falls in the P. Ekern Store.  In 1974 he sold the company to Howard Olson and Verdell Helstad.  Not only did they purchase the business, but also the inventory, equipment, and most importantly, the famous meatball recipe.  Howard and Verdell built the current facility across the street from the store.  

The Next Generation

In 1978 the Olson's son-in-law and daughter, Mike and Sue Lyga, purchased the Helstad's share of the company.  This partnership lasted until 1999 when Mike and Sue took on full ownership.  

Falls Meat Service's growth led to multiple expansions.  In 1975 FMS built a freezer, in 1977 they expanded the retail area and retail cooler, and in 1990 they added another freezer.  The largest addition came in 2002 with the building of a sausage kitchen, smoked meat cooler, and an employee break room.  The 2002 addition enabled the business to diversify through wholesaling, expansive venison processing, and increased product quality and customer service.  The addition included equipment such as two 500 pound computerized smokehouses and a state of the art sausage stuffer.  

The New Generation

In July of 2013, Mike and Sue entered into a partnership with Tim and Stephanie Brueggen.  Tim started at Falls Meat Service as a part time employee while in high school in the late 1990's.  Higher education and the military took him on a path that ultimately led him back to Falls Meat Service.  He brings new ideas, energy, and leadership that is essential in a growing company.  

In August of 2017, Mike and Sue retired in order to spend some well-deserved time with each other and family.  Tim purchased the rest of the business from them, and has great plans to continue the success of Falls Meat Service.  Falls Meat Service will strive to produce top-quality products and provide great service to all of our customers.!!